Sunday, December 13, 2009

Meta Model Deletions intensive - NLP Teleclass

The Meta Model is A Precise Linguistic Pattern of Information Gathering Designed to Reach the "deep Structure of The Speakers Map of the World" 

The Meta model is designed to "Chunk down" (get as specific as possible / Detailed Information) to understand the Speakers Experience.

This is useful to Gain a better understanding of how to communicate Excellently and become clear and avoid misunderstanding in the future.
This will prevent others from Bamboozling you and pulling the wool over your eyes with fancy Fast talking as you begin to understand deletions and get a firm grasp on the power Meta model Excellence !

Language and communication are important for all people who wish to improve their relationships to others personally and Professionally.The Meta Model has a Surface Structure and a Deep Structure which Interpret the Speakers Experience.
When you are fully Trained in understanding the Meta Model you will notice how the speaker codes their experience and relates it to the amount of choices available to Her/His Life.
Most Commonly the speaker is Dissociated from the Deep Structure of their experience, and code their language to Surface structure Linguistics.

In other words when you are trained in this modality you will learn to assist the speaker in moving their processes forward and giving options for them to change their mind.

Meta Model = Deletion & Generalization & Distortion

There are 3 ways to Break down this Communication Model:

People Can Delete - Generalize - Distort their experience.

In this Tele class we will be discussing Deletion = Gathering Information !

The Meta Model can be overwhelming to many old and new students of Neuro Linguistic Programming, it involves 12 Excellent Specific Linguistic Patterns
I have chunked this Class down for the attendee to get a full and conclusive understanding of how to successfully apply and master The Meta Model Deletions.

Full Details and RSVP here.

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