Monday, December 14, 2009

The Influencers of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Where did NLP originate from and why do people often reference Gestalt Therapy  when speaking about NLP.

NLP was comprised of many different applications including influences from Gestalt Therapy.

The Technology that Influenced NLP are as follows:

General Semantics - Alfred Korzybyski
General Semantics Website
Linguistics - Chomsky
Noam Chomsky website
Neurology - From the Neuro Sciences
Neurology Journal
Transpersonal Assagioli & Maslow
About Abraham Maslow
About Robert Assagioli
Existential humanistic Psychology Fritz Perls and Rogers
Address from Stephen Perls on his Father Fritz Perls
Carl Rogers an Analysis of his Theory of Personality
Family Systems - Virginia Satir
The Virginia Satir Network
Cognitive Psychology - Miller, Gallenter, Pibram
Cognitive Psychology
Transformational Grammar - Norm Chomsky
Look under Noam Chomsky Site listed above
Logical Levels - Gregory Bateson
More about gregory bateson
Medical Hypnosis - Milton Erickson
About Milton Erickson written by Doug O'Brien

Of course NLP has come along way since then once you begin to learn more about NLP you can search the NLP Family Tree in the other direction.

This makes really interesting reading and will help you gain more of an over all understanding of what NLP Can accomplish and why it was designed in the first place.

Happy Reading.

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