Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ericksonian Hypnosis Study & Practice

Next Hypnosis Study and Practice will be on January 28th 2010
I thought you would enjoy this great Video, many times Milton Erickson speaks in such a slow and deliberate way some people have said that they would like to hear what exactly he is saying.
This Video is fantastic in that it has been Subtitled in English for all to see, Notice all you can about the way Milton Erickson easily communicates "Milton Model Language" as he hypnotizes.
The Video also is simultaneously being translated into Russian.
To find out more about Milton Erickson 
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You will be introduced to the other side of Hypnosis How it works, why it works and the beginning stages of how to do it.

This Class is suitable for Hypnosis / Hypnotherapists who would like to practice newcomers to Hypnosis and anyone with a little bit of curiosity. 

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