Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Feel Great and Do Great | NLP is Fun

It has been a while since we did a pattern. Neuro linguistic programming or NLP has the most easiest ways ever to change your state and they are very quick and once you have done it once you know it and can do it time and time again.

This pattern has everything to do with feeling fantastic no matter what.
1. Remember a Time you felt the best Ever, I mean ... really great
Think of a Time you Felt Great | NLP is Fun 
2. Close your eyes and fill in all of he details Engage full sensory experience all of the representation systems to really amplify the feeling V.A.K.O.G.

3. Step into the experience and imagine really being there as if it is happening powerfully right now, even focus on your breathing as you call up this powerful experience.
(Remember your physiology will respond when you are really deep in this state.)

4.Notice your breathing and posture when you are in this state and make sure you are spinning your feelings to make yourself feel 1 thousand times more into it,

5.Notice what these states are ..
For example perhaps:
Authentic confidence
Personal Power
But choose your own words and feelings.

6.Now think of a time when you will use this pattern again and run through it now in your mind.
Remember, Practice makes perfect.

Also here is a very helpful NLP Blog post about eliciting desired states.

Can you see yourself succeeding ?
The Hypnotic Visualization process will help with this find out more

Boom. Let's Go !

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