Friday, July 17, 2015

Focus on Possibility | NLP is Fun

How many times have you believed that something is Impossible
Too Big to happen for you
It is Impossible ... You say to yourself
How come then It is Possible for somebody else ?
We all create and design our lives in the same way.

Everything we achieve is first created with:
An Idea.
A Thought
A sequence of thoughts
A Plan
A commitment to the plan
Belief in the outcome
Belief in your capability
Belief in whether or not you deserve to have it
And ongoing calibration and progress.

Or No Action at all and a series of arguments in support of all the limitations between you and your Goal.

Build up your own Possibility Channels, so that Possible becomes your natural and unconscious way of

Everything is possible, even for you when you change your thinking and keep going with it.

Boom. Let's Go !

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