Wednesday, August 12, 2015

10 Steps to take control of Criticism Now | NLP is Fun

There are some times when a person has a habit of criticizing and looking for what is wrong in just about any situation.
This remember, is just a way of filtering for difference.
The person is filtering through a Frame of :
"What is wrong with this"
"What is Different about this"

The presupposition is that the person would prefer to control the frame and has a set way in which they would like it to show up.

1.The Components must be right
2.The circumstances must be right
3.The sequence must be right

On the other hand,  people who are looking to please others and fit within the parameters that have been (Ambiguously) set will inevitably get something wrong

Because if all three are not right, then none of it is right in the Criticizers mind.

1.The Components must be right
2.The circumstances must be right
3.The sequence must be right

Now the problem with this is once you are on the receiving end of all of this constant filtering. Because it feels like Judgement and criticism, and this does not feel very nice.
Eventually it tends to make people nervous to do anything for fear of Ridicule and criticism.

A few weeks ago we spoke about Judgement you can check that out here
Here are some things you can do to take the sting out of being criticized and Judged and become immune.

The Pattern:
1. Think about somebody who filters through difference and frequently criticizes you to the point where you feel really bad.

2. Notice in your minds eye, the way they look at you.

3. Hear them say all the nasty things they say and notice how they say it, including gestures, Body Language, Tonality.

4.Notice where any bad feeling starts in your body.

5.Take this Image and make it Black and White.

6. Move it far away and into the distance.

7. Make it much smaller and put a funny hat on the Person or something else that makes you laugh.
Hear them repeat the criticism using crazy tonality that makes you laugh or takes the sting out of it.
8. Begin to notice how quickly you feel better.

9. Clear the screen, Future pace and repeat for effectiveness check.

10 Calibrate as necessary.

By the way, do you remember this Language pattern that also is related to this Topic.

Any way when you work this exercise through you will quickly erase all of the nastiness and Then you can still Train your brain to  Kill it in 2015 with us and get amazing results.

Boom. Let's Go !
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