Monday, August 10, 2015

Failure is Final | NLP is Fun

"People who believe in failure are Guaranteed a Mediocre existence" according to Tony Robbins and we know this is true don't we.

Because your RAS = Reticular Activating system searches to filter out anything that is not reminding you that you have been programmed to fail.

So when you want something no matter what it seems like, stay plugged into the end result that you are expecting.

You can and will do it when you are certain that you will achieve your result.
Even if everyone you know and look up to is having a hard time believing in you, you can believe in you with all you have,

Every fiber of your being must be congruent in expectation of your achievement and do not become Hypnotized by fear of Failure, after all Failure is Final.

Failure is stopping and concluding you have tried everything and it just won't happen.
Remember Nikola Tesler who in spite of obsessive and compulsive behaviors and multiple challenges with his work was determined to prove his ideas were useful and unique.

Today Nikola Tesler's work is well respected and his legacy positive.
Failure is Final, so deciding a person has failed is never really true since even after death a persons work can live on and be awarded the highest honors.

Whatever your project make sure you first learn how to motivate yourself and find new ways to succeed while being certain you WILL Get it!

Boom. Let's Go !

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