Thursday, August 13, 2015

What is your story | NLP is Fun

Today I was thinking about stories, for example The stories we tell ourselves, and  each other. In fact the Stories we live by.
Stories have so much go do with our experience our Past, Present and Future. If I was to ask you what is your story, would you tell me all of the things that are wrong with your life. Is this what you play over and over in your mind ?
Or would it be a happy ending, in fact a story of Victory and Triumph over extreme obstacles.

Would it be an inspiring story of strength, personal power and Determination against all odds ?
What is your story and what are you doing every single day to make sure you are the Victor and Role model of your own story ?
Perhaps you can begin to think of yourself differently even as somebody who always succeeds no matter what it seems like.
Use the Circle of excellence to remember what it feels like to become Victorious and Win.
Then just begin to Act as if and make it happen.
You can begin with a little Self Hypnosis to really program your mind for the better.

Boom. Let's Go !

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