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In Neuro linguistic programming you my often hear the Phrase 4 Tuple. So what does a (4T) 4 Tuple or Four Tuple mean in NLP ?

Answer: A 4 Tuple (4T) / Four Tuple is a Model and it is comprised of full sensory experience which Must include:
1. V=Visual
2. A=Auditory
3. K=Kinesthetic
4. O=Olfactory/ G = Gustatory (as one for the sake of abbreviation) O = O/G in other words.

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This Model originated as an Internal experience and a way of processing with full sensory awareness to engage with and enhance to amplify the fullest experience possible.
Because processing in this way can be frequently unconscious, it may switch to an external experience as well.

This is indicated as:
I = Internal
E= External

Thought and Thinking is defined as Internal Processing
E = External added with a modality indicates something outside of Self

Once the sequence of the structure of processing is elicited it will be recorded in the exact sequence and then becomes a Strategy.
This is useful to add to or deconstruct the particular behavior.
Depending on if the behavior is adding to the quality of a persons life or not.

When a Strategy is written, it also includes Internal or External to the Modality as we mentioned before because this makes a difference to exactly how a person is processing.

Which helps us to help them insert more choices exactly where they are needed.

A strategy for a specific structure could then be written the following way:
Ke = Kinesthetic External (something on the outside inspired me /Annoyed me / made me smile
Ki = Kinesthetic Internal ( I felt cozy when the fire was lit / I smiled when I remembered you)
And so on for each sensory Modality.

This is an example of how you will designate what a person is doing and know how a person is creating a certain behavior.

Each Model must have the 4 Tuple components to provide a full range for a sound and maximized exploration and experience.

Here is what a strategy sequence may look like:
K1 ->Adi->Ve->Vi.

Feels bad->Says"I feel bad"->Sees a Rainbow->Feels better inside.
Easy isn't it.

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