Saturday, May 15, 2010

NLP | Anchoring | What comes first the Thought or the Feeling ?

In NLP one of the Presuppositions is that Mind and Body Function As one System.
For Example an Idea that is created in the Mind manifests itself in the Body and in fact the Brain is a part of the Body.

This might cut to the chase on why an Idea that is created as thought produces behaviour action that perhaps is not even conscious Action, Like a Habit

This is a Huge point to consider when watching your thoughts as it is more likely that the unconscious mind's desires will win !

Interesting is that many literary staples discuss these ideas Including the Bible:
"As a Man Thinketh in his Heart so is He"

By the way what kind of Anchors "Conditioned responses" does this visual create for you ?

"He thinks in Secret and so it shall come to Pass" comes from James Allen Essay "As a Man Thinketh"
We can find many, many examples of this school of thought.

What do you think comes first the Thought or the Feeling ?

When we think a thing that attaches to a conditioned response it unconsciously changes the way we are feeling, and if we feel bad about a thing we often "Feel" Hopeless and can decide unconsciously not to bother with any further Action, we can "Give up" without any real proof we should.

Thoughts Create Feelings which determine our Actions !

Conditioned Responses can be so subtle we may not even know what has triggered it.
And Conditioned Responses (Anchors) are installed often in Todays society because they are so effective in changing moods.

Think Advertising:

Can you hear the Jingle and add the Catchy Phrase
Just some Food For thought !

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