Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hypnosis - Become your Own Hypnotist - Perfect Self Hypnosis

Becoming your own Hypnotist - Self Hypnosis 
May 26 2010 
(7p -9pm) 

All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis. We cannot Force any one to be Hypnotized and we can easily Hypnotize ourselves with Meaningful and Life Changing suggestions which will reside in our Unconscious Mind.

Why Self Hypnosis ?Self Hypnosis is a Great Tool to Condition your own Mind in your Own Time and as often as you like.You will be able to program your mind for lasting change in any area you choose.

Self Hypnosis is a Practical, Powerful and convenient tool for you to use at any time.
Get the most out of your Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis Courses Can go for thousands and Thousands of Dollars
Why is Self Hypnosis so popular ?
Self Hypnosis has been used by Celebrities, Speakers, Sportspeople, Students and Entertainers for Years

There is nothing New about Self Hypnosis.
Self Hypnosis May be the most Overlooked Mind programming tool to Date !
What can you program your Mind to Achieve:

Confidence to overcome limiting beliefs
Creativity Flow that was previously Blocked
Memory Enhancement to Learn new things Faster
Pain management for all kinds of conditions
Relaxation and clearing negative thinking Patterns
Fear and Phobia Relief
Focus and Prioritization
Anger Management 
Premature Ejaculation
More Success in your Life
The List is endless ....

What if I don't have any problems ?

And there doesn't have to be a problem 
Hypnosis is used By Top performers all the time ..
Self Hypnosis will reinforce whatever you program your mind to believe
It is a Skill that when used regularly will change your life 

You too can easily learn how to program your mind with Self Hypnosis 

Please join us to Learn how to Hypnotize yourself Perfectly every single time
And increase your suggestions every time you go into Self Hypnosis.
If you would like to Learn how to Transform yourself and Change your mind
Move out of Procrastination and Negative belief patterns, you will really enjoy this workshop.

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