Thursday, May 6, 2010

Criticism Analyzer | NLP is Fun

It has been said Criticism responses can generally fall into three categories:

1. 70% respond with overwhelmingly bad feelings
2. 20% Reject Criticism
3. 10% Have no opinion whatsoever

Steve and Connirae Andreas ('Change your Mind")

The Criticism Analyzer is a great pattern to consider the projections of Other people's Opinions and What they mean to you.
This pattern keeps the process of investigation going in a safe environment.

Why so Important ?

I chose this pattern as we as a people can be so influenced by the Idea that other people approve or do not approve of us, it can drive us Barmy sometimes we don't know which way to turn, or what is the right thing to do and have forgotten how to think on our own.
We are influenced by Media, Wealth, Social Proof, Culture other organizations and Groups, Family, Partners and so on. Often unconscious seeking approval for every small thing, and becoming stuck in a type of paralysis.
Sometimes so much so we have a hard time getting back to what we Want, as we believe another persons wants, Likes or Dislikes to be our own Ideas. !
The Criticism Analyzer gives us the chance to do a further enquiry as to the Validity of the Speakers intention, Control your own responses and Generate an Agreement frame and consider what the Words mean to you.
This fully Disarms Anger and the potential for having Anchors Fired (Conditioned, reactive responses) to people and their opinions that can cause disruption to our own positive behaviour.
Which Direction will You Go in, It takes Commitment to Change your Mind ?

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Boom. Let's Go !
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