Saturday, May 15, 2010

Does Cute Packaging makes Women Feel Better ? | NLP is Fun

Did you know that women tend to spend more on Cute packaging ?
Well many Women will Tell you themselves "I am a sucker for cute Packaging"

There seems to be a Hardwired Equation to High End Brands having more luxurious Packaging.
Some women said, they did care if the Item was useless and some did not seem to care too much and enjoyed the experience of purchasing an Item just for the packaging.
Women Tend to smell things more than men too, did you know that Women want to smell Bath Lotions and Shower Gels before Buying.
This Company has managed to combine both and are Wildly popular.
Colour is very important as well, as you can see they have combined Visual, Gustatory, and Olfactory with Auditory because the next component is.
Social Proof, if their friends don't think it is great, there is no proof the packaging is even pretty, this is the driving force behind all the other stuff:
Kinesthetic /Colour /Texture

In Mass marketing, The Auditory Component amplifies the others and creates the Conditioning. Of course these can always be exceptions to the Rule.
Here is the Proof!

This Video Gets nearly 600k Views on You Tube.
What else do you notice about the content of the Video ?

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