Thursday, May 27, 2010

Financial Freedom - 2 Day Breakthough

With so many people walking around upset about the Economy we decided to design a Training that addressed the "Mindset" of the Times.

As you know "The Economy" is a Nominalization it most certainly will not fit inside a wheelbarrow, it is not a Living thing, it is not even tangible in any sense of the word it is actually just a word.

This Word however has been used to change the Mindset of people all over the world and has Hypnotized the masses into believing there is nothing they can do, Everything is hopeless and a whole List of additional Low level energy Ideas.

We have noticed this word "The Economy" has influenced peoples behavior in other senses too, I have been told Domestic Violence and Crime has increased and in Las Vegas there seems to be statistical "proof" that we have been one of the worst Hit.

We began to notice how Contagious and influential for the worst, this type of thinking is and as we are workers of the mind are determined to make a difference in our community and eventually the world to Challenge this unquestioned Mindset.

We recently offered a Workshop Called "Who are you without the Stuff" the idea was to question the value of a person without all the Assets and Trappings of wealth that many mark as Social Proof of their own identity.

Our Initial Intention was to create personal value and build Self esteem and provide a plan of Action.
We learned so much by doing this Workshop that we decided to add all the input of the participants and extend it to a Two Day Workshop Retreat.

In this Workshop, we offer a Handbook of Questions that are designed to challenge how you think about your current circumstance beginning with influences from the Past noticing the Present and even the Future.
During the Course Some answers are discussed as a group and then Challenged.
It did not take long at all,  for people to completely change their thinking from when they first Arrived.

Because of the Success of this Workshop retreat. I decided to expand this Training into a Two Day Event. To allow time for the personalized approach in "Coaching" working through the answers and there also needed to be time for Reflection and ongoing discovery, sometimes separately with the participants.

The End result of this Training was 2 members of the Training noticed Areas in which they could compliment each other and formed a Business Partnership thus immediately resolving their original issues. They committed to meeting each other the very next day and are now business partners with a Contract !

The Training is a Mix of Teaching, Coaching, Group and Personal Discovery which is an all day event for two days.
Lunch and additional Refreshment is provided during the Day and a Hefty Challenging Workbook designed to completely Turn around your Thinking.

Because we are interested in being thorough we also offer a Bonus Follow up Coaching Session to make sure you have a Clear cut plan of Recovery and are taking the steps to make it work.
This is Offered to those of you who book Immediately to secure your seat and will be offered until June 11th or we run out of Seating.

The Investment of the Coaching Alone would Actually cost more than the Training if we were to price it like that ..

We already have Attendees on our list for the next event and cannot emphasize enough Take Action Immediately before we run out of Seating.

We have designed the pricing to make sense as an Investment that is designed to be Value packed and Fair.

We asked Everyone in the Training if they Thought their Financial Investment reflected the Value they received from the training and each one said it was incredible value for what they walked out with and that they would all attend another one of our Training's.

We are very proud of that.

I invite you to Attend our Next Financial Freedom - 2 Day Breakthrough, Seating is limited and first come first served.

For RSVP Details here is the Link

Financial Freedom - 2 Day Breakthrough

Change your Mindset, Change your Life !

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