Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NLP Language Patterns | Non Sequitur Suggestions | NLP is Fun

Lets talk about NLP Language patterns today.
Quite frequently people speak in Non Sequiturs they begin with one statement and attach another seemingly irrelevant statement as a conclusion.

This can be quite confusing and distracting to listen to. It is usually used as a detour, a decoy, the person changes the subject by using this technique and your attention must shift when you allow it to go unquestioned.

Many of today's Reality TV shows are filled with people who use these as everyday language.

If any of you work with Coaching clients or in Management of people these non Sequiturs often shine a light on a Limitation and disconnect in a persons thinking. The person is not connected to their own accountability role, due to a deficit in belief of the available resources perhaps.

On the other hand, they are wonderful to use as a pattern interrupt and a confusion induction in persuasion, covert Hypnosis and Ericksonian Hypnosis.
So let us play with them a little, or a lot ..

Here is what they sound like:

1.You can Hear the Relaxing sound of my voice so you will go into Trance faster with grace and ease
2.Lots of people have had success with NLP and you can Visualize yourself at your Best now
3.Exercise is great for the mind because you begin to notice yourself being even more productive now
4.Practice makes perfect so you can notice becoming even more confident
5.Everyone likes chocolate and having a good night of sleep helps a person wake up early in the morning

Example One:
There are three parts to this sentence:
First part of sentence 1.
"You can Hear the Relaxing sound of my voice"

Then a bridge in the middle
Second part of sentence 1.
"So you will" 

The third part is a totally unrelated end statement
End part of sentence 1.
"Go into Trance faster with grace and ease"

Example Two:
First part of sentence 2
"Lots of people have had success with NLP"

Second part of sentence 2
 "and you can"

End part of sentence 2
"Visualize yourself at your Best now "

Ok, I wonder if you are getting the hang of it now because then you will become more flexible in your own communication.

Have fun practicing these Non Sequitur Suggestions

The two statements do not need to have any relationship to each other
It implies that the end result is a conclusion of the first statement
It does not need to make sense
It bypasses the critical faculty
The person goes inside their head to search for understanding of your statement = Hypnosis
Think in terms of rhythm when putting them together.

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