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NLP External Auditory Representation System | NLP is Fun

People who prefer to use their hearing for internal Processing tend to indicate or even point towards their ears.
Their ears are attached and they are attached to their ears.
So much so that while listening their eyes will often shift from side to side.

As in Eye accessing cues going to Auditory Construct = Listen to (Right ) and Auditory Recall = Remembered Info (Left).
The sounds they experience are super important to them which means so are your words and Tonality.
So make sure you are following their own preferred style of communication by listening to when they breathe and speak at their own volume etc.

Their Primary Focus is in this area of processing, in order to understand and be understood faster is to use this Modality as a lead in your communication.

Also they have a quite dense way of communicating frequently in long winded explanations as opposed to direct short and sweet answers.

It could be said they enjoy the sound of their own words, on the outside too.
They also spend a great deal of time listening to their own words on the inside of their head.

If it seems they are inside more than Outside then they will be considered Internal Auditory Digital.
who are influenced by what is going on inside their head more than people who are Auditory and Externally Influenced.

External Auditory are very good at listening and they are looking for the whole story, an extremely detailed explanation, that answers all of their questions in your communication.

The NLP Communication Model 
They are interested in knowing how the whole process works and in what order they can expect it.
Then will do an internal Transderivational search (do you remember the NLP Communication Model ) which you will witness (if you are paying attention) In their accessing cues.

Frequently you will find their breathing responding to the Rhythm of the speakers tonality as they begin to process what they just heard.
This shows them "Trying it on"
If you want them to learn something new it is a good idea to play up to their hearing capabilities for them to be more "In tune" to what you are saying.

Remember if there is a great deal of noise competing with the Speaker, these listeners will become overwhelmed and distracted, so make sure you are in a place where they can hear you clearly.

You may already know that Auditory People are interested in Reading, Learning, Music, and Understanding new concepts.
They may always have a set of headphones on because sound quality means quality all the way around to them.
They are responsive in debates and have their own ideas with which they will want to compare new information to understand it perfectly.

Of course you will also use the Auditory Predicates to use their preferred words that describe their experience.You can re use the ones they have already picked if you like.

If you find that this reminds you of yourself, you can use this simple exercise to change the meaning in experiences you have had in the past that rubbed you the wrong way.
Once you get the hang of it you can use it every time because it is super easy to do.

Here is How to change the Movie Music

If you think about How a Movie Anchors you to the Music which heightens your viewing pleasure, you can do something similar in your own head.

1. Pick a Memory that you were extremely unhappy about.
a)Think about it, while noticing all images and sounds play it till then end as if it is a Movie.
b) Now Take Note of how you Feel after experiencing it all.

2. Pick a Song that is Upbeat (perhaps from a happy movie you liked) or your favorite Dance Tune, or a Hilarious Cartoon for example.
***Please note the new music has the power to change your state in a big way.
I like this one and the best part about it, is that I cannot keep still when I hear it.
Music that changes Physiology has a Massive amount of power for instant State change.
Remember pick the one you prefer.

 3.Now Crank it up at Top Volume so much so that You are feeling pretty Great and then, play the movie again all the way till the end of the song.

4. If you want to, do it as many times as you like, because I bet you your feelings will change each time.
a) Play it until you only have a connection to the Happy Tune
b) Turn the music off when you feel ready and rewind the movie to the beginning and notice how you feel
c) If that tune doesn't work, pick another tune one that you want to play with, maybe Rocky, (Gonna Fly now) which is another empowering favorite of mine.

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  1. Great track which I hadn't heard - will def use it when I am re-processing as you suggest
    thanks for the article Nadia <3

  2. Hi Laura,
    You are welcome. Isn't it fun. It is such a feel good song that gets you moving. Thank you for your comments <3


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