Friday, August 8, 2014

Which way are you Going | NLP is Fun

Movement Changes Everything doesn't it ?
If you are not moving, you are not making progress, because nothing is changing.
When you move your Body, you change your state
You could be moving a little, or moving a lot and if you break a sweat, you will really begin to feel a sense of accomplishment too.
But even slow and steady has proven to win the race.

I felt a great sense of accomplishment today because I challenged myself to go Hiking after my morning work out and it felt great.
Movement is Action and Action is Movement.
I felt good because I went further than usual, and I could feel the stretch.
Make your Movements and Actions to all go in the direction of your wants.
I felt good because I knew I was conditioning my body and Mind in the area of better Health and well being.
This is one of my main goals at the moment and I am totally congruent about it and committed to it, in NLP Talk we call that Fully Associated.
Plus I was with my son, so I got to spend quality time with him while he was doing the same.

Moving in the wrong direction is still movement so It can create a change but perhaps more of the stuff you do not want.

When you feel unsure and have not made a commitment to what you are going to do, you may move in the opposite direction of what you want.
Sometimes without even realizing it, maybe because you are dissociated = Unplugged from what you really want.
Perhaps because you do not really believe in it yet.

Your Unconscious mind is in charge of the direction you move in, so make sure you are supercharged and plugged into what you have committed to.

Step into it and act as if your every step is moving you towards it, this is much more important that what you are hoping to change or avoid.
You want to make sure all of your attention is plugged in to what you want.

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