Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Immerse yourself in NLP

Learning Neuro Linguistic Programming is a Process, which means it is an ongoing habit. The things that you already know well, you can perfect them.

The things that you have not yet learned can be understood and embraced by your unconscious mind congruently.

The best way to learn NLP is to begin to "Try it On" this means experiencing for yourself before thinking about applying the intervention with another person.

As  you begin to learn a new pattern for example, you can wonder how many ways in which you can use it. If you were to use it as a filter for a whole week, let's say you would get tons more mileage out of it.

Sometimes when I meet people who are interested in learning NLP, they want to have known it all Yesterday!
While I do understand NLP is the sexiest tool set I know, to know it is to experience it and really more than anything to live it.

It really is a spirit, a way of processing experiences, and a different way of responding to things, a new way of believing and thinking in terms of unlimited possibilities in every single area of your life.

This will not happen over night, although if you persist in practicing and applying it will happen and will only change your whole life experience for the better in  every way imaginable.

I encourage you to be kind with yourself in learning NLP, take your time and immerse yourself in it. Wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket of NLP and Hypnosis and wash your bad habits away with persistent application.

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Thank you for reading, speak to you soon.

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