Thursday, August 14, 2014

People have all the Resources they need - NLP Presupposition

One of the NLP Presuppositions is People have all the resources that they need.
It is quite an interesting statement isn't it, perhaps you have your own opinion about it too.

Remember Opinions are created by your own subjective reality. This is a result of your own life experience and what has been taught to you by those you respect and have come to love as your figures of authority.
So even though your opinions are extremely important to you, let's lay them to the side for just a moment so that we can explore this new way of thinking.

Richard Bandler has said "People work very well they just run poor programs"  
These programs have to do with how a person is managing their sensory experience and their internal representations.
What they can hear
What they can see
What they Feel, because of the meaning they have created from the above.

In laymen terms these are their emotions, and the vehicles they choose can be behaviors like:
Lack of Creativity 
A Focus on Scarcity
Looping the same problem over and over again 
Doubting themselves
Lack of Belief in anything Good
Negative attitude
Reluctance to change for the better
Lack of accountability 
Feeling sorry for themselves or feel like a victim

And so on.
So while we all have the same capability to problem solve and create new situations internally, when a person is unsuccessful in managing their emotions most of the time, the less results they will achieve externally.
Usually they will experience a sense of powerlessness.
They will feel as it they have limited choices, in just about any situation because this way of thinking becomes a habit.

Then their focus begins another loop of the same old stuff.
It is like a dog chasing her tail, which can be nice as a game but not so much as a success strategy.

Sometimes people are doing the wrong things, at the wrong time. This causes a lack of progress it is like putting a wrong region DVD on into an incompatible machine.
No matter how much you want the to see the movie, it will not work until you change either the DVD, the coding or the machine..

Perhaps you insist on getting popcorn and sitting in front of it hoping it will all work out for the best. Then you get upset because it is not working and then say "Nothing ever goes right for me" you are not acknowledging your own part in the fiasco.

That is what Richard Bandler means by saying  "People work very well they just run poor programs" 
On the other hand, programs were written to be updated and adjusted.

We have seen severely disadvantaged people:
Overcome Massive Obstacles in their life.
Which of these stories, stands out to you the most ?

“ optimistic mind-set finds dozens of possible solutions for every problem that the pessimist regards as incurable.” Robert Anton Wilson (Cosmic Trigger).

If you want to create something that you are challenging yourself with:

1. Find and example to Model and notice everything about how they are doing what they are doing.
2. Realize you have in within your neurology to change the direction of your thinking and behavior
3. Start somewhere and there is no need to Rush is, slow and steady wins the race
5. Remove the obstacles that stand in your way one at a time and consistently
6. Focus only on your End Goal, resist the temptation to tell yourself it is Hard or that you can not
7. Encourage yourself and Tell yourself your current circumstance can be changed with your Actions
8. Change the way you use your mind, feel good = good Actions = Feel better = better connection to goal
9. If one person can do it, so can you and you can also even be the first to do it, if you like
10. Create a Map from start to finish and consistently adjust it until you get there

Enjoy your life now, because Now is where we are.
We are here now, in a minute we will be somewhere else. If you live in "what if", you are missing it and will never have the chance to enjoy "Now what shall I accomplish next"  !

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