Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Mind and Body Are One System | NLP is Fun

One of the NLP Presuppositions is that the Mind and Body Operate from one system.
I have mentioned before that your Physiology affects your Moods.
This is a perfect example of this.

They cannot Not affect each other they are undeniably connected. perhaps though we have not yet given this enough attention.
Giving this some some attention today will help you to understand just how important it is to all aspects of perception.

Mind Body = Nervous system the Neuro in Neuro Linguistic Programming.
The maximum impact in our beliefs is created once we connect (Associate) to our sensory experience our Neurology.

Our unconscious mind is driven by our Neurology, we respond from the fused synapses in our own hard wiring.
Our automatic roads to behaviors that have held your attention for long periods of time, perhaps decades.

This further explains why a Placebo will work giving a person the Placebo effect.
Mind affects Medicine and wellness, take a look at some of the extra ordinary work Deepak Chopra and Bruce Lipton are doing in this Area.

Mind affects Heart in situations of Love, Like, Hate, Happy, Sad these perceptions are inter changeable with physiological responses.

Mind affects perceptions of Possibility in situations like  Dating, Interviews, Sales, Relationships, Money and what a person believes it is more likely to have.

All of these perceptions are inter changeable with Physiological responses.

The Self Love Process
Self Hypnosis
Heart rate
Connection to self
Connection to new Idea
Physical Movement
All change perceptions in the mind too

If this is true then, our beliefs are far more important that we ever believed before, aren't they?
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