Thursday, January 26, 2017

NLP Language pattern | Rear Loaded Suggestions | NLP is Fun

Our NLP Blog is Featuring a Hypnotic Language pattern today. This is a real example of how NLP is Fun and easy to learn. Your Neuro linguistic programming skills become fluent once you "chunk it down" by learning something new for your NLP Tool box consistently.

NLP is Fun Setting Goals | NLP Goal setting

Rear Loaded Suggestions:
1.Do you prefer learning this pattern now or later ... pick the easiest one ?
2.Maybe you would like to be fluent in NLP ... Just do it bit by bit
3.You can imagine how great that would feel couldn't you ... close your eyes and Imagine it now
4.Rome wasn't built in a day ... Remember that
5.Starting a new project always feels exhilarating ... Give it a whirl, one step at a time
6.Learning NLP would put you head and shoulders over the competition ... feel the win and stay on top
7. Now you imagine one or two examples of your own ... Get stuck in !
8. Practice makes perfect .. Fancy that
9. Its really easy once you get going ... have a go
10. Challenge yourself and win .. Let's do it

The Pattern structure:
a) Create a Suggestion
From example 1. "Do you prefer learning this pattern now or later" ..

b) End it with another "Rear loading intensifier"
 From example 1. "Pick the easiest one"

Can you find the Suggestion on 2 - 10 ?
Can you find the rear loading intensifier of 2-10 ?

Now that you have the structure,
Time to make up some of your own .... Remember, make it  fun.

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