Thursday, October 29, 2015

Program your Unconscious Mind | NLP is Fun

As Neuro Linguistic programmers we have made a great distinction in our level of commitment to our personal development.
We use Well Formed Outcomes to refine and get clear in full sensory experience with what we truly want. We understand why this exact Outcome is ideal for us.

We know we have all the resources we need within us and can get additional resources outside us too. We plan, we Time line we Test.

We .. We ..

With that being said we have all agreed that The Big one is always to Program our Unconscious mind in the way that we prefer out Actions to support our new wants.
We are aiming for congruence here.
NLP is Fun | Be Certain of Your Outcome
Our Conscious mind connecting with our unconscious mind which we know can only be achieved through Unconscious installation.
Which is why we succeed where other self proclaimed "Self help Guru's" Fail.
We must get beyond the Critical faculty to influence the unconscious mind.

Why oh why .. then do we not apply the effort in Installing the Outcome into our unconscious mind.

Do we believe we can just want it once and it should magically appear.
Is this to do with The Secret (again) and other misunderstood new age Philosophies

Anyone who knows me knows I am a believer of esoteric principles, But for the love or progress let us really believe in what we want.
Let us move through all internal resistance, and let us put in the work instead of giving up after 5 minutes.

Perhaps we have been given double messages in various  Values  filtering systems that it has left a person confused. One book says this another says that ..!
One tells you to persevere the other tells you to Quit or run away "It wasn't meant to be"

I am not sure where exactly or specifically we learned this however in Neuro linguistic programming we take  a different approach and the person with the most flexibility wins.
Hands down every time.

Be flexible
Manage state
Program more
Future pace
Until you get the result.

You have got to be able to build up the belief.
Take the T.O,T.E model for example.


There are multiple strategies that will work in any given outcome when one works perfectly it will be evident.

The main point though is that one will work !
Why give up so easily, just do something else and stop doing what you have already identified as useless within this context.
It just means it doesn't fit here but you can still get your outcome, go another way about it.

Btw there are over 200 more Empowering articles to enjoy and remember NLP is Fun so enjoy the whole experience.

Thanks for reading, Speak soon.


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