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The Conscious Mind | NLP is Fun

In Neuro Linguistic programming we speak of The Conscious mind and the Unconscious mind, If you would like to learn about the unconscious mind then you can do so by clicking here   and also on this NLP is Fun post I wrote about programming your unconscious mind.

The Conscious Mind is about real time awareness it is a state of awareness that is about your focused attention, what you are focusing on at the moment.
And also this description is an example of what it could be and what we mean when we use it. We use it as a metaphor because it is a practical way to use language to describe an experience.

The Conscious mind would also represent chunking down into details like when we use the Meta Model for example, as opposed to the Milton Model which we use Chunking Up in ambiguity for the most part.

When we speak of The Conscious Mind we mean attention to Stimulus of what is happening inside (in detail) and Outside (In Detail).

You may have heard an NLP Practitioner say the Conscious mind is the gate keeper of the Mind, and that it does not have the capability to operate the full potential of the mind. Which means it is often attempting to dominate out of its scope of capability.

Worrying about the future is an example of this since the Future is not in a state of consciousness at present.
we can certainly image in e  what we believe to be a version of what could happen in the future and this will happen in the Unconscious mind. And if the conscious mind expects a bad result NOW it would draw comparisons from the unconscious mind of how bad it could be.

A transderivational search (for comparative meaning) Like in the Communication model.
Although to say this is true of accurate is left to interpretation. You can see how the conscious mind is great for an initiator of Hypnosis by now can you not ?

This is because the conscious mind can represent 7 plus or minus 2 pieces of information at a time and an example of  this could be a lighthouse that shines over the dark and cold water at night time the lighthouse sweeps light over small parts of the water periodically. It illuminates different area's one at a time. It does not have the scope to alight the whole Sea at once.

The bit that is illuminated is the bit you are aware of in the present. The rest of the sea still exists and it would be "in the Unconscious Mind" which is everything else.
even though it exists and you may or may not know it does, it is "out of consciousness" which can mean you are not aware of it in the present and any detail of it.

Some say The conscious mind is considered to be a messenger, you can use it to initiate Self hypnosis for example. It is most practical to instruct your conscious mind with a series of repetitious thoughts and behaviors so as to overload The critical faculty and spill into the Unconscious mind for Transformation.

Remember the conscious mind is a great helper when we become more mindful on what we love to experience. This will help to create more of these satisfying experiences by paying attention.

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