Wednesday, December 11, 2019

NLP Future Pace| NLP is Fun

When we have achieved a desired change using a Neuro linguistic programming Pattern we then want to make sure the desired result is set in our unconscious and conscious congruent processes.

We can find out if we are integrating these new NLP Patterns by Future pacing an Imagined unpleasant scenario to find out how well we respond using the new patterns.

This is so simple and here is how:

Imagine a less than resourceful Trigger, that in the past you would have had a negative response to.
Fully Associate to this experience without getting lost in it, just pop in using Visual Auditary Kinesthetic Olfactory Gustatory responses.

Were you satisfied with the way you responded ?

If you were satisfied, test a few more situations that would have caused you grief in the past and find out if you have new responses that you like now there too.

If you have the same responses as before doing the NLP Pattern, then go back to the NLP pattern (you were working on) until you experience a positive and resourceful shift.

When you feel you have shifted into the desired state using the Neuro linguistic programming pattern then future pace again.

Now experience any scenerio's you wanted to double check your progress on and notice you are able to have a completely different response than before.

The new response is resourceful and maintains your desired result and is integrated unconsciously into your selections.

Have you had success with NLP Future pacing before, if so leave your comments as to your discoveries using this technique.

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