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More about your Unconscious Mind | NLP is Fun

Neuro linguistic Programming is about making sure you have more options and choices available to you at any given time.
One of the most important presuppositions then is to understand our objective is to program the Unconscious mind to be even more effective for our desired outcome.

I have written about how to "Program your unconscious mind" here  in this post I will give a few tips about what your unconscious mind is busy doing.
If your Conscious mind is a wallet, your unconscious mind is your Luggage.

The unconscious mind has stored All experience. Including experience that has been experienced "Out of consciousness"
The Unconscious mind works well to help you, and is using previously programmed information. your most frequent filtering and beliefs.
in order to change a belief it must be reprogrammed in your unconscious mind.

As you may know all transformation is created by adjusting how you do your unconscious process and the goal is to overload the critical faculty and impress you unconscious mind with the new behavior.
Using NLP and Hypnosis for this is fast and thorough.

Of course bear in mind the Unconscious mind already is working and here is what the Unconscious mind is charge of:
Your Body Functioning, it is preserving your whole body functioning entirely. All of your Neurological process is unconscious.
You can also direct these processes by programming your unconscious mind to improve the way it is functioning.
An example of which is to relax and tell your breathing to slow down. Did you know that many mentalist's slow their heart rate down so that it practically stops but beats just enough to keep them alive.
And all Pain may be controlled by programming your unconscious mind.
Watch this Derren Brown clip from "Something Wicked This way comes"  

The Unconscious mind is in charge of your real Values carrying out, preserving and enforcing your Values, this is why some times a goal has not yet been achieved as there is an internal Values conflict. All new behavior must support your whole ecology and pass through your unconscious filters.

Your Emotional responses, your Brain chemistry how you are reacting according to your most used emotional responses another way of saying this is your moods.
Your Memories, Storing, repressing to protect you and representing memories in case you would like to deal with them.
Your real Preferences which means your real unconscious desires and not the ones you really don't like, (but want people to think you do like) and your filtered  perceptions.
Your Habitual behavior Patterns that you have done so much become second nature.
Your Beliefs that serve a higher purpose to your overall functioning.

Neuro linguistic programming is about improving your subjective reality which will improve your overall experience.

The best way to improve your experience is to practice using Neuro linguistic patterns that allow choice to become a normal part of your reality, and then choose a behavior that supports your outcome.

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