Thursday, December 5, 2019

Tote Model of Strategies | NLP is Fun

When providing NLP Coaching and certainly in NLP Training  we are determined to create a check point to know if a strategy of any kind is working at it's highest functioning.

For this reason, every single time we do any pattern we will use the Tote Model of strategies.

The Tote Model is not exclusive to  Neuro linguistic programming as it was created by George Miller, Eugene Galanter and Karl Pibram for developing feedback loops to developed processes that were complete for operating and monitoring human systems for problem solving.

T.O.T.E stands for Test, Operate, Test, Exit.

1) Test where the system is currently
2) Operate a solution for Improvement and higher functioning.
3) Test how well the operation worked to overall functioning of the System.
A) If it provided the Desired Outcome Exit
B) If further resources are needed continue to Operate until an Exit point has been determined by the feedback loop.

4) Exit only when satisfied with the stability of achieving desired result.

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