Friday, March 14, 2014

Internal Rapport creates External Rapport | NLP is Fun

When you feel great about yourself others like to be around you.

When you are uncomfortable at any level, people feel uncomfortable around you even when they do not know why.
Sometimes people who are nervous, send out incongruent signals that make others feel bad.
In other words having Rapport with other people, works really well once you have Rapport within yourself.

What you are thinking, affects what you are transmitting in your communication.
The Pictures you see in your expectations should be of hopeful positive situations instead of things that scare you.

The words you speak inside your head, should support whatever it is you want. If not, you are going against yourself at an unconscious level and it will affect your results. The same thing about the stories you tell about your experience and your life.
You can begin to Visualize and speak with personal power, no matter what has happened.

It doesn't become a habit until you have done it consistently so to begin with, it may feel like allot, and after a couple of months it will change what you can believe about yourself and your life.
That is pretty amazing, isn't it.

Keep going, sometimes the Big Chunk is just showing up, once you are there anything is possible.
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Thank you for reading, speak to you soon.

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