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How much has having that problem cost you so far | NLP is Fun

Lets talk a little bit about Problems.
We all have them, and we have learned that it is not so much about the problem, that is the problem it is more about how you are responding to your problem, that could be the real problem.

For example do you believe that you are at Cause or Effect of the problem
At Cause = I can change it myself (I may need additional resources and yet it is possible) I will be accountable for designing my life.

At Effect = I cannot change it, it is beyond my own personal influence (I will wait until it blows over) in the meantime I will place the blame on people and things.

Your Beliefs are influencing what you think and that is influencing your behavior.
Beliefs = Thoughts = Feelings = Actions = Behavior

In the long run, is that really working for you in the way you had hoped for ?
Your Beliefs can be changed at any time, just by your decision to do something about it.

Once of the best things to do is to reverse engineer your results and find out if you think your action (in a certain behavior) supported your outcome.
If you don't think it did then you can begin to learn why you did not necessarily put your best foot forward.

Lots of people do great things most of the time, some time and then may also talk about ways in which they self sabotage themselves regularly.
The more choice and flexibility we live by the greater chance we have of Winning in any situation.

Something that Richard Bandler likes to ask is "How much Time and money have you spent on that problem"
So lets do this as a homework assignment:

Get a piece of paper and ask yourself:
What has having this problem cost me so far in actual money
What has having this problem cost me so far in Time and Energy 

How much more will this problem cost me in the next:
6 months
12 Months
2 years
5 years 

If you like you can begin to experience it on your timeline since you like having this problem and enjoy the full impact of being fully associated to the problem for a change.

Ok then, so what are you going to do about it ?

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