Sunday, August 12, 2018

NLP | The Excuse Blow out Pattern | NLP

The Excuse Blow out Pattern is credited to Michael L. Hall
This NLP Pattern is a refreshing thing to do while you are relaxing this weekend.
If you think having a Parrot land on your head and get tangled in your hair is fun, think again.
But any way back to this pattern.
The NLP Excuse Blow out Pattern.

You can use NLP to challenge yourself and find out what you are making excuses about and why you are making excuses.

If you want to find out more about your internal processes then let us get started.

Ready, let us go !

Step one:
What exactly is the Excuse (otherwise known as reason) you have not achieved your real goal.
a) What is the behavior and pattern of behavior
b) How is the behavior operated
c) Include all sensory findings V.A.K.O.G

Step Two:
a) How do you feel about this Excuse reason now after doing step one thoroughly.
b) What unconscious findings, have you now discovered
c) What is the highest intention for this behavior

Step Three:
a) Consider the value of the highest intention of this pattern.
b) Dismantle the intention and result of what your highest intention is and redesign it to be more favorable for you.
c) Enjoy the benefits and drop the behaviors previously surrounding the hidden intentions

Step Four:
a) Decide with all certainty to Completely drop the old behavior.
b) See a Visual stop sign
c) Shout Hell no in your loudest internal or external voice
d) Feel the impact of drawing a thick black line in the ground and amplify this.

Step Five:
Test Operate and also notice how much progress you have made ahead of time and notice how else you will now improve here.

Step Six:
Future Pace remember to amplify the VAKOG associations.

Consider designing a swish "Switch" into your new strategy build as you do this pattern.
Most of all, have fun with it.

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