Thursday, August 9, 2018

NLP | It is all about the Patterns | NLP is fun

Neuro Linguistic Programming is all about the patterns.
The pattern of behavior that we can call a strategy.

Each Pattern serves an unconscious purpose.
Some patterns work well to get what you want
Some patterns work well to stop you from getting what you want
Some Patterns work well to improve your life
Some patterns work well to destroy your life

It is easier to notice other peoples behavior 
We normally are aware of what others do right or wrong.
Frequently we choice to focus on what they do right or wrong depending on our own Metaprogrammes which are filters we use based on our own expectations.
Our own internal codes of consciousness, if you like.

Make a decision to explore your own patterns of behavior 
We can begin to notice our own patterns.
The things that:
Work for us
Trigger us
and cause our internal Maps and consciousness to change.

It is easier to notice patterns without getting caught up in the reasons for them
Neuro linguistic programming is about how we code our experience, and this causes our consciousness to evolve.
One way or another.

In order to effect positive change drop all judgement, focus on the desired state instead

Also some people believe
They are at Effect, in fact  Powerful NLP'ers believe they are "at effect".

Cause and Effect:
You have the power to change anything no matter what happens.

When you are Living in Effect -- Life happens to you, and you say you have little control of your circumstances.

When you live "at Cause", you believe you are the driver and capable of transforming any of your circumstances.

You can decide right now, not to allow your circumstances to Hypnotize you into living "at effect".

Real eyes .....
I did not say it would be easy because it is not easy until it is.

Make it Easy now 
Did you know, when you say "This is easy", you unconscious mind learns to respond as if it is easy.
Magic doors suddenly appear out of thin air and open for you.

Interesting isn't it.
You and when I say you, I mean your mind, is capable of so much more than any of us know.

Begin to notice yourself changing your Internal coding by using your senses
Olfactory / Gustatory to focus on things that excite and delight you.

You can change your own internal coding too 
You can do it right now or just as soon as you like.
You are in charge, of your internal representations.

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