Friday, August 10, 2018

NLP | A Simple Motivation Pattern | NLP is Fun

Do you want to experience more Motivation?
Using NLP to enhance your motivation is super easy.

It is actually about amplifying your associations to your outcome, I know it sounds simplistic and it truly is.

When you discover things that make you feel great, you feel great and Guess what, you are allowed to be happy and feel great.

Hey we are human and I am sure we all can do with a Jump start at times.
I used to have a call in line for Monday morning motivation, that is how important I think Motivation is.
Perhaps you were on it at some stage, or maybe you have heard a recording from it.

But the truth is, we have to be able to count on ourselves for motivation.
In the best of times and the worst of times.

In this exercise, I will teach you a Simple NLP Motivation Pattern you can do all by yourself.

1) Imagine a scenario you want to happen and it really happens.
a) engage all sensory experience V.A.K.O.G
b) amplify all submodalities  make it bigger / add more colors
c) Play with all internal representations to increase impact

2) Enhance and anchor the state as a pleasure motivation
a) Remember to anchor on the way up start at the beginning of the peak
b) Make your anchor as unique as possible
c) slide - Chain and create anchors that you like

3) Future Pace 
a) Imagine using at a later date
b) Fire your anchors

4) Test
a) Use your Anchor frequently
b) get into the state of achievement more and more 

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