Thursday, September 15, 2011

NLP Book Club

We are looking forward to our 5th month of NLP Bookclub and each month has been an incredible learning process for all of us.

The Book we are working through is Unlimited power by Anthony Robbins.
I have read and re read this book many many times and think it is a great place to begin putting together a framework to use and apply NLP in everyday life.

As a Trainer of NLP this has given me a great opportunity to show people how to begin to gain unconscious competence in NLP processes in every day life.

As a Coach this has helped me to share ways in which NLP can immediately change perceptions, feelings and actions which ultimately creates life style.

Every one of the participants return over and over again to enjoy the progress they have made since beginning 5 months ago, and look forward to the progress their Bookclub Colleagues are making too.

NLP Book club is a great opportunity to relax, sort your feelings and experiences out and discuss solutions with some great people who are also making progress, let our hair down, discuss current issues.

This week we concluded with the idea that when feeling down, what was really important was finding a song to fill your heart and using it as a bridge to a more resourceful state and then beginning to apply and use the things we already know.
Here is a song that evokes strong anchors in me from my childhood, a time when just by watching this show I began to dream of possibilities outside of my own current experience ... can you find your own song ?

If you would like to find out more about joining us please click this link to RSVP for NLP Bookclub

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