Monday, September 12, 2011

NLP MindFest Online Seminar

What is NLP MindFest ?
NLP Mindfest is a great way to dive into NLP and come away with a handful of mental processes that can change your life forever. 

When does NLP Mindfest Start ?
NLP MindFest is going on right now and for the next 10 Days, each ay you can listen to Two sessions for Free if you register now.

Do I need to have experience in NLP ?
At the moment Marilyn Devonish and Paul Scheele are offering a bonus session as an Introduction to NLP.

Why should I be interested in Listening online ?
If you register For the next 2 Days This High Value seminar is offered  absolutely Free for the live Training.

How will my life change? 
You certainly will gain insight into fabulous Tools that will give you brand new ideas.

What are the Subjects being covered ?

1) Mind Mastery: How to kick negative thoughts out of your life
2) Brain Switch: How to erase anxiety and boost success
3) Influence vs. Power: How to quickly build connections with others
4) Our Future Leaders: How to reduce fears in children
5) Ultimate Motivation: How to achieve an extraordinary and healthy lifestyle
6) New Life: How to control diabetes and weight
7) Missed by the Masses: What you should know to be more successful
8) Stop the Sabotage: How to uproot nasty habits with ease
9) Game Day Nerves: How to live without performance anxiety
10) Change Catapult: How to self-coach yourself to significant achievement
11) Word Mastery: How to be clear, persuasive, and charismatic
12) X-Ray Listening: Decoding the language of the unconscious mind
13) Winning Strategies: How to use unconscious programming to change your life
14) Living Brilliantly: How to find your personal "sweet spot"
15) Huna & NLP: Ancient and modern keys to well-being
16) Story Time: The truth about your success, relationships, and happiness
17) Social Media: How to use NLP to create sales on the Internet
18) Awareness: The answer to every life problem that actually has an answer
19) Powerful Clarity: Make better life decisions
20) Mending the Wounded Learner: Conquering the fear of learning
All at no charge for you, and completely commercial-free.

**Bonus in addition to all this you get a free session when you sign up now ! 

When you sign up today, you will receive immediate access to a special introductory session with NLP Mindfest Host Paul R. Scheele and Marilyn Devonish, an NLP expert from England. We will give you an introduction to NLP as well as a couple of techniques you can use instantly. You don’t have to wait until September 12! You’ll get your first program today!

If you want to participate in this great Mind Fest then click on the link below. 

Register for NLP Mindfest 

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