Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rhythm, Rhyme and Hypnosis | NLP is Fun

There are some Tunes that get your Body moving at such an unconscious level that you may not realize you are even moving.
It could be a small Tapping of your Feet, Fingers, Toes, Head all moving in time to the Beat until suddenly your whole body is moving  and you are dancing.

Here is a clip of some music that has that effect on me.
It is interesting to note that not only is a Phat beat (Rhythm) But a heavy Dose of Rhyme too and as if that were not enough there is a confusion induction going on with the background singer too...

Delicious isn't it .. now if you were to listen to the story he was telling you would find yourself in total belief of the lifestyle he is talking about.

Welcome to Hypnosis, Hypnosis is very simple and there are tons of ways to hypnotize people and today we are speaking about the effect of Rhythm and Rhyme in your Hypnosis

Obviously here is a very Sophisticated Example of Rhythm all of the people in the video are demonstrating extremely harmonious Rhythm.
Rhythym is a natural Phenomenon actually, there is a natural Rhythm that exists before we put compnants together and call them Music

Howard Goodall says that rhythm recalls the heartbeat heard in the Womb or perhaps our pulse or a memory of how we walk, in any case it is such a large part of our unconscious programming.

Apparently Rhythm is a totally human phenomenon. It is interesting to watch babies as they first learn to control their movement and begin to concentrate on an outward expression of Rhythm by moving their bodies in Time, front and back or side to side.

"This Music of life" is a Circadian Rhythm that unconsciously exists in our Brains throughout our day and night.

Culturally there are many definitions as to the structure of rhythm, but intuitively we all know what Rhythm is, That it is something that comes from within and often connects to another source of Rhythm externally.

When you speak in a Rhythm with a Tone and Pitch that compliment each other you tap into a natural and unconscious pattern in people that seems to make sense to our unconscious brain.

Think for example of a southern Accent and the rhythmic lilt you will hear if you listen to somebody from Trinidad for example.

Rhyme over Rhythm what could be better ..

We have been Listening
Since before we were breastfeeding
To tall tales and nursery rhymes
We were rocked ,fed and cuddled through the night
And we intuitively know how to help others feel alright
Let us bring back some of that  fantasy
Rhythm, Rhyme and Energy

It will make our own hypnosis better
We can think of lots of ways to become even more clever
Imagination is all it takes
There is no way to make a mistake

Play with words and weave a story
Always Be creative and never be boring
And practice it until you are done
Because NLP is Always Fun !

Nadia Harper.

Have fun with your Hypnosis and make some of your own Rhymes and let me know how you get on.

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Nadia Harper is a Licensed Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming with the society of NLP.
Having Trained with Both Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

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