Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ask, Believe and Receive | NLP is Fun

Happy New Year Great Friends,
Have you set some amazing positive Intentions this year.

I wanted to speak to you about the Following words which come up quite a bit from people who speak about the "Law of Attraction".

Frequently it has been said "Ask Believe Receive". which is easier said than done, especially when we may be used to seeing proof before we buy so to speak.
This has everything to do with Programming your unconscious mind to be able to congruently believe in something that hasn't happened yet.

Which sounds like magic doesn't it via the Power of Suggestion.

This is what they call speaking into existence which is absolutely the same as Acting as if  and engaging full sensory experience and amplifying.

Get Clear and precise about what you want and describe the experience in detail of specifically what you want.
Feel the sensations of what exactly you mean and engage / Connect to them in full sensory awareness.

Believe you are worthy of receiving it
Believe it is possible
Believe you will get it,
Believe against all Odds

Be Open in your expectation about receiving it for long enough to overcome any obstacles that may show up.
Do not get discouraged by your current circumstances.
Be patient and manage your state
Release all painful and disappointing limiting beliefs and expectations
Focus on being in the mindset of receiving / Gratitude

Try it on for yourself.
Act as if by rehearsing these mental drills a few times daily to really get in the flow of it.
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Do the exercises provided and change your Neurology.
You can do it for sure.

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Speak soon,


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