Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I am the Greatest | NLP is Fun

What you are saying to yourself inside your head most of the time, is creating your Results.
How you Feel is filtering your Expectations for success or not.
You can change all of this if you like by programming your own mind.

Muhammad Ali was the Master of Mind programming, He persisted even when others said he would not win and he didn't have what it takes.
He found a way to believe in himself against all odds.
People thought his Self belief made him obnoxious in the beginning and now they speak of nothing else..

What would you be able to accomplish with more self belief ?
What if you cared much less about what other people said about you
And programmed your mind, so that you said great things about you
And then your determination led to others believing in you s well .. Check this Video out

What Are you doing to create Invincible self belief in your own Life.
You can start by Amplifying your own Victories inside your own head first.
And expect them to materialize on the outside.

Update: We have recently learned that we lost this amazing Champion and Legend on June 3 2016. Rest in Blessed Love Muhammad Ali you were the greatest in your field and you were a great man. We appreciate all you taught us.

It is greats like him that teach us anything is possible and nothing is impossible.
as our beloved legend would say "Impossible is a dare"
"Let me show you how great I am"  !

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