Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Think Yourself Fabulous

Can you think a New Thought one That Feels Fabulous ?

The Funny thing is Just Thinking about Feeling Fabulous one begins to go inside and find reference as to what Fabulous is.

So Try as one Might The thought of Feeling Fabulous Creates a Fabulous Feeling. In fact the Thought of Pleasure begins the process of Experiencing Pleasure.

Lets Have some Fun, Think of something that you really enjoy doing, Being a part of, experiencing..
Now think of what that Tastes like, Smells Like Feels like go on Close your eyes and Take it in ... Fully ... All of it.

That's Right,

You see in order to experience a Feeling That feels good one just has to experience it.
Wherever they Are
Whomever they are with
Whenever they Feel like it
As Much as they would like
No matter who is close by
Nobody will ever know ..

Unless .......
You Begin to get so happy you get a fit of the Giggles laughing is simple and easy when you know how, if you need some practice here is a video to get you started.
Have some Fun with it.


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