Friday, November 6, 2015

Changing Bad Memories | NLP is Fun

Sometimes Bad memories of things can get in the way.
One of the problem is you may not know how deeply they are operating in your unconscious processes.
The impact of this could be some form of Self sabotage in another area that you may have been struggling to get a certain result in.

Here is a really great Exercise from Dr Richard Bandler's Super Duper little Book "Get the Life you Want"  that helps you to actually change Bad Memories. Now that is real Magic isn't it?

I have used this exercise countless times and frequently use it in combinations with other patterns and find it works for memories that were really resistant to change.

Richard Bandler Signed my Copy of Get the Life you want | NLP is Fun
OK are you ready, let's do the exercise.

1. Think of a Memory that doesn't feel very nice and you would like to change
2. Notice all of the Details in your submodalities
3. Freeze it and make it much smaller
4. Go to the very end of the memory and freeze it then Imagine there is Paint brush that allows you to white out and erase the memory.
5. Do this super fast, and repeat is about 5 times
6. Now run the memory backwards scrambling up all of the details
7. Begin to spin feelings of well being in your own Physiology, notice what direction feels the best for you and adjust to even improve the feelings in this action
8. Can you still feel the feelings of the bad memories, if so keep repeating until you cannot.

By the way, you will probably notice initially before it completely disappears the intensity of the impact becomes less and less and less very quickly.

And when you are ready to let go of it you will find it happens very easily.
Within this little  NLP Blog there are more than 200  Empowering articles to help you along.
Do the exercises provided and change your Neurology, You can do it for sure.

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