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Jail Break | NLP is Fun

I originally wrote this Post on my other blog many years ago and I really Like it So I have edited it a bit and brought it over here because it is fitting:

Virginia Satir
The Great Family Therapist Virginia Satir Said ( I paraphrase) "People often create a wall around them selves" trapping them inside like an "Emotional jail".

Being stuck in the wall or Boxes of our own imagination..
Once inside this wall can be quite difficult to see over or past the wall to all of the possibilities, that really are available to anyone person.
The Wall is really invisible to outsiders but it is made of heavy Limitations, and seems virtually impossible to get over, through or Under.

Describing the wall as you may experience it
The wall is unique to you, there may be some things that are generalizations and for sure most of these are distortions, but they feel very real.

It could be as simple as feelings of unworthiness, doubt, Insecurity, feelings of not being good enough or deserving even the most seemingly normal of things or circumstances. But sometimes it can be a layering filter of "This is Too Hard" or I Can't"

Some people have been able to describe the wall:
What it looks like
The pressure they can feel energetically
Where the feeling originates in their own body and more..
In their Mind the wall can also have other stuff to hold it into position, or that keeps a person from escaping.

How do we get this wall or feelings of being stuck ?
The Wall can be created one brick at a time, maybe perceptions originate from our childhood and can grow as a person grows.
The feelings are short cuts that prevent something, so in many ways they are unconsciously positioned from a higher intention.

They may help a person to ignore really painful feelings.
Perhaps they even direct traffic and provide substitute distractions instead of Experiencing our "Core feelings" some may call this "Ego" or even "Alter Ego" and we can mold it into the shape that we perceive makes us more desirable, acceptable, likable and so on.

Distractions can be People, Work, things, Lifestyle, Money, Sex, Drugs alcohol etc really anything that allows you not to fully experience the pain inside.

Jail Breakout - Attempting to escape the wall
The great thing is, that once a person reaches a threshold they must be determined enough to find a way out of the wall.

Eventually after attempting to find relief in External sources which we believe hold the key to our own happiness.
We try our hardest at times to gain the attention and approval of others believing they will free us from this self imposed Jail.

We will not experience freedom until we allow ourselves to become accepting of our own internal selves. we hold all the keys for our own existence.

Fumbling with our Keys to open the locks
In many cases the prisons a person has created are so structured that even when we have the keys in our hot little hands we have a few false starts to begin with.

Consider how long this program has been running in your unconscious processes.
What other structures or systems are positioned in your beliefs to keep it erected.

Think of everything that was believed until this point which has become dependable, familiar, all knowing, a comfort of sorts.

A Devil you know situation, and in order to break free of the wall it may seem like a vast no mans land. It certainly is new and unfamiliar, less than cozy and probably quite intimidating.

Changing beliefs, Limitations, Habits, and our lowest and smallest ideas can be a huge daunting upheaval. It is ok that "Nobody does the jump the first time" (The matrix) we can expect to experience many false starts along the way.

The Beauty of the process
The Journey is the journey, the absolute beauty of the process is becoming excellent at the process and all the wonderful things we discover about ourselves along the way.
Each step forward takes us to a new place of magnificence that we would never have seen unless we continued moving forward.
We begin to notice other possibilities other interests other things that make us curious.
We begin to expand our experience and how we ultimately perceive the world around us.

With each experience we become more experienced
By experiencing new things we become more experienced in how we solve problems and gain solutions, our mind get's in the habit of finding solutions and focusing on our intentions.
And we find out just how amazingly strong each one of us really is.

Our Unconscious mind finds solutions
The more our mind is used to being active in this way it becomes a more dependable organ for us, every single time our mind finds viable solutions, new pathways are created causing less problem time and faster solution time, allowing you to move forward on to other achievements.

Think of it as a Game
What if you were to think of it as a game that you can score points with, just something to keep your mind busy.
What if it were a Poker game. Part of the challenge is being able to continue to show up and stay in the game.
As long as you are still in the game you have an equal chance to win the pot, no matter what it seems like. You are just one move away from Winning the whole Pot isn't that exciting!

The first step is often the hardest
Finding the courage to just begin stands between you, your wall and your possibilities.
If you were to just explore the probability that you could, you are on your way.

Then it is a matter of taking accountability that your Beliefs got you into this self imposed Prison.
Be Kind with yourself as you will need all your best bits to help you along the way.

Begin to Notice your feelings, write them down and decide what you will do next.
Slowly and surely is better that never ever.

Within this little  NLP Blog there are more than 200  Empowering articles to help you along. Do the exercises provided and change your Neurology.
You can do it, I will see you at the Top

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