Sunday, December 11, 2011

Robert Dilts - Authentic Leadership

In the following clip Robert Dilts speaks about the differences between Management and Leadership. He makes distinctions that outline "Authentic Leadership" or Alpha Leadership.

I hope you enjoy watching as he simplifies his ideas on how an effective Leader manages themselves and their own "Inner Game" first.

Remember Internal words create Feelings and these feelings create actions, unconsciously these Actions over time become habitual.

Robert Dilts explains how with NLP we can change these processes.

We speak about self management often, if one is unable to manage ones self one will not be able to consistently show up and manage other people.

I hope you really enjoy the simple way Robert shares his ideas on this subject which are most often overlooked in people and organisations.

Robert also explains the significant energetic drains that will spread through teams, departments and even throughout a whole organisation as a result of overlooking these distinctions.

Specialized NLP Training can help organisations by training Execs and HR departments to understand how to qualify new Leaders and identify these qualities right from the beginning.

A company who invest in great leaders will become far more effective in the long run than companies who retain managers that lack the Self managed and motivated qualities threaded through and through a true leader.
People and companies can become far more resourceful in these challenging economic times as we begin to understand how this works, and plan accordingly.

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  1. May I just say that Robert's flair in emphasizing the importance of leadership is key to any leader wanting to form a corporation in california where business continuity is measured by leadership in more ways than one.


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