Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NLP| How to become more patient | NLP is Fun

The Ultimate Goal of NLP is to use Neuro linguistic programming to understand our and other peoples subjective reality.
As an NLP Practitioner we have multiple tools to improve our "Model of the world".
There are multiple patterns we can use to Align higher values with other people as well as maintaining our individuality.

This is effective communication. To be able to relate more and create rapport.
A necessary aspect of this is tolerance of other peoples beliefs.

People experience life differently and may not agree with you on every single thing.
When this happens compassion, tolerance and patience are very useful.

Could you do with a little more patience ?.
Perhaps we all can, To be patient and tolerant also equates to how flexible you can be.

Remember the person with the most flexibility wins
We are all different, and yet we also have lots of things in common.

Would you like to relate to other people who have different beliefs than us.
The more people we can relate to, the more effective we will be in our communication and in our life.

In any relationship Tolerance and patience is key.
Sometimes we are better at noticing when other people are not tolerant or patient. How about improving this in your own life too.

The more patient we become, the better we will feel.
Even within a group of people with shared values there is a definite call for patience and tolerance.
We can all benefit from a little more patience and tolerance at times.

This Pattern by Dr Richard Bandler is useful for extending patience and tolerance.
I have modified it slightly because NLP is fun when you make things work for yourself.
No one pattern will be the same for everyone.
You also can make adjustments that achieve your own desired results.

Step 1 
a) Think of a time you were very successful in demonstrating great patience, empathy and tolerance.
b) Begin to notice the feelings, and the direction they spin in naturally
c) Amplify the sensation as you become more aware of the spinning movement

Step 2
Think of a situation you would like to show more patience etc in next time

Step 3
a) Practice by spinning the feelings of Patience, Empathy and Tolerance and any other positive feeling which will help you to gain the desired state.
b) Engage all the senses of the challenge that usually pushes those buttons.
c) Continue to spin the pleasurable feelings despite any feelings of annoyance until they fade away.
d) Amplify the annoyance and play with shapes and sizes to see how it affects the whole mood.
e) Keep going until the feelings are all pleasure.
f)  Top it off by Internally noting how good natured you are as a reward

Step 4
Continue to rehearse mental and physical drills often before the event, it will become second nature to your mind to access these states the more familiar they become.

Step 5
Add a Physical movement to the process, an anchor, this will help you to "Flip a switch to the desired behavior" as soon as you become aware of the need.

Step 6
Adjust and add more or less of the bits that seem right for you, make this pattern your own and have fun with it.

The clearer you get with your intentions, the more the unconscious mind will know exactly what you mean. And the more associated you will become to your outcomes.

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Thanks for reading, Speak soon.

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