Friday, January 21, 2011

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Have you ever been in a situation where somebody was telling you something, perhaps a story or trying to convince you of something, and You just couldn't buy it or it just didn't add up.

Chances are information was missing, or perhaps the speaker was incongruent !
What is incongruence ?

Incongruence is a state of not being fully on one side of the story, for example:

You want to go on a diet but you want to eat cheesecake too ..
You want to be successful but you put limited effort into your venture ..
You want to clean the kitchen but you end up watching a TV Show instead ..
You want to give up a bad habit at New Year but halfway through January you are over it !

Incongruence is not unusual, Think of it like this The logical Mind says We Should do ____________ And the Behavioral Unconscious mind says I want to do the opposite !

What would you put your money on to win The Logical Conscious Mind or Behavioral Unconscious Mind ?

The Unconscious Mind wins every single time and the thing about it, is that there are times when a person may be convinced their Logic will work this time and when it doesn't they often refer to it as Self Sabotage !

I say all of this to give you a little back ground info on how to notice incongruence.

There are often other needs that are met by the unconscious behavior and unless this goes checked to see if the behavior is still useful in each context the habits will persist.

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The Unconscious mind is a "Tattle tale" and will let anyone who is paying attention know, that a person is incongruent.

There are various Body language signals, Tonality/Breathing/Color Changes, and of course Eye Accessing Cues that all relay the message a person has changed their behavior.

If any of you are parents think about this,  How can you Tell when your child is not at their best ?
If you are a poker Player, how can you Tell if a player is Bluffing ?
If you are in a relationship, how can you Tell if your partner is not being honest ?

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We have our own Built in "Incongruence Detector" don't we and we can often get a sense of something being a miss even if we cannot put our finger on what the something is.

Watch out for your own projections also, since we often distort information we process, be open minded and flexible making sure you are not projecting your own Distortions, Generalizations and Deletions.

Have fun with it, NLP is so amazing isn't it, and let me know how it goes.
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Boom. Let's Go !

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