Monday, March 28, 2016

Finding a Positive Intention | NLP is Fun

Dear Friends Let us do an exercise.
This is a great way to feel better quickly by discovering the sometimes "Hidden" positive intention in another persons actions.

For example, when a Person does something you believe to be Unkind or Negative. Instead of making yourself feel worse with replaying it over and over again, This exercise will help you to look for the Positive Intention instead.
It has been said that Hurt people, Hurt People and may or may not know they are doing so.
Either way, this is all about making sure you feel the best that you can feel.

Remember all behavior has a Positive intention sometimes the positive intention is so hidden that one might miss it unless you had a magnifying glass.

With NLP we have the opportunity to find out how we can get back on track and find the Positive Intention underneath all of the chaos.

There are three parts to this exercise:

Explain what the disagreeable behavior is for yourself, and state why this behavior is not useful.

a)  Take Three Deep Breaths (at least, perhaps you may need more) then when you feel relaxed. 
b)  Go into yourself and think about the part of you which would generate this kind of unproductive behavior and give it a characteristic and a personality. 
c) Bring the characteristics of this part into awareness, as if you had a part just like it
d) Translate the behavior using this "part" to discover the why 
e) Begin to think of this part as a character or personality, maybe even use a metaphor to name it
f) Find out if  this part works in alignment with the whole of you
G) Initiate a role playing game with this part, and ask the character what it wanted to gain from this behavior
H) look for the deepest value and be direct in asking about the real intention you can say what were you hoping to achieve with this behavior.

Keep asking "why" until you understand the real and deepest Motivations to the behaviors.
Think of this as an exploration, and keep going as you uncover more into your consciousness.

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Thanks for stopping by, speak with you soon.

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