Thursday, May 19, 2016

Powerful Suggestions | NLP is Fun

Today I would like to speak about the importance of how you can use powerful suggestions for yourself and others while in Hypnosis.
I have drawn inspiration from Kirin webb 's Language pattern Bible which I highly recommend.

Kerin speaks about How Dick Sutphen uses "Power words" and Direct suggestions in his Hypnotherapy Audios.
I am a Fan of Dick Sutphen and had the chance to Interview him many years ago. He was made to be a Hypnotherapist with his easy and powerful Hypnotic intention and delivery.

I also use Power words in my own client work and it can be a super extension to maximize Affirmations while embedding them into the unconscious mind. The fact that you are delivering them in altered states is Everything. Well we already know the power of Hypnosis.

This changes your Neurology instantly and begins the deliberate process of shifting limitations in your old way of doing things.
Now you can get into the frequency of what you really want.
Tada ! What could be better, that is just Magic Dust, in my opinion.

Here is my own extended example of How you too can use them with other people.
Ready, say the Following:

1) You are Incredible
2) You feel Incredible
3) You notice Incredible things happening for you
4) You see yourself doing incredible things
5) You hear people saying how wonderfully incredible you really are
6) Say it in your mind now " I am incredible"
7) Say it again "I am Incredible"
8) Notice how your feelings change when you admit just how Incredible you are
9) Look for opportunities to prove you are incredible
10) Feel glad about the fact that you are incredible
11) Going forward whenever you say "I am incredible" in your mind or with your voice with the absolute intention of being incredible, your unconscious mind will realize this is your preferred channel and filter more and more incredible thoughts, people and situations for you to enjoy.
The more you do this the easier it will become and that in itself is absolutely Incredible. Isn't it.

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