Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A simple reminder about NLP Anchors | NLP is Fun

A simple reminder, NLP Anchors are as easy as can be because they are unconscious. They are out of conscious awareness.

A great example of this are small moments that create powerful emotions that have the power to change your mind because they have changed your (mood) State.

It is simply a Smell, that reminds you of home or of an intimate and romantic moment .

A song that makes you want to dance or sing out loud and takes you to your childhood.

A picture that takes you to a place that alights your soul, and resonates with you shifting your state one way or another.

A taste that takes you to another place and reminds you of a loving experience you had before.

Anchors are one trial learning.
If the experience engages your senses in an impactful way.. Good or bad they will be registered in your every day processes via your unconscious mind.

Even 50 years later they may exist.
NLP is fun blog has several posts about Anchoring.
So fire away !

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