Sunday, July 1, 2018

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The Mother of all NLP Patterns is a pattern that is a foundation in all NLP Change work.
Because of this we can call it a Meta Pattern.

It is a very simple pattern structure and credit goes to John overdurf and Julie Silverthorn
The pattern in my opinion begins with it's title, how hypnotic is this The Mother of all NLP ..
What does this generalization presuppose for you ?

Ok here are the componants.

1) Represent the present state:
What is the fully associated present state

2) Representation of the desired state
Fully associate using full V.A.K.O.G

3) Identify the resources

Now let us try it on, you can follow along if you like.

1) What is the problem - describe it, see it, feel it.
Fully associate

2) Break state - shift focus radically
Neutralize the association
Bring the person into the now / out of the past effect of the problem
Shift state to a more appealing now

3) Create and design a more wellformed outcome
Help them walk this through and associate to it fully V.A.K.O.G

4) Identify the Resources needed and apply them

5) Amplify the associations to the resources, connecting resources to the original problem creating the result.

Future pace T.O.T.E

Remember your Resource, Resource anchor must create a powerful propulsion system that collapses the original anchor.

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