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Nadia Harper is an Expert on Internal Self Mastery and External Influence. We have a Variety of Exciting NLP and Hypnosis Workshops covering in a range of Topics from: 
  • Self Mastery, The Self love Process, The Self love Process in Relationships
  • Sales, Influence, Negotiation, Persuasion, Seduction. 
  • Presenting Persuasively, Authentic Confidence, Mastering Language patterns
  • Belief Change, Self Sabotage, Erasing Resistant Negative Programming 
  • Peak Performance in any Area.

Some of the more Traditional NLP Training's include:

  • What is NLP and How will I use it to Change my Life
  • 3 Day NLP Diploma
  • 7 Day NLP Practitioner
  • 8 Day NLP Master Practitioner
  • NLP Improvement Training twice a month in Las Vegas
  • Online NLP Training Worldwide

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Any of the NLP Training can be Taken Individually or in a group Setting.
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Nadia Has experience in One on one Training as well as small and large group Training sessions
and has written and developed Training Material for Hundreds of people with great Success.

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